Fun & Action at #Schlegeis 131

Experience pure adrenaline at the unique Schlegeis Dam in Zillertal at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres. We offer action, unforgettable adventure and relaxation for people of all ages. Our top attractions such as the #Schlegeis 131 Via Ferrata, the new #Schlegeis 131 Abseiling Station and the Children's Climbing Course are a great adventure for adults and children. You will find the ultimate adrenaline kick on the breathtaking  #Schlegeis 131 Flying Fox, which lets you glide above the Schlegeis valley at a lofty height of 600m. Enjoy the exciting attractions for people of all ages and make your day in the Zillertal Alps an unforgettable experience.

The aerial attraction in the Zillertal Alps

The ultimate adventure at #Schlegeis131

Giant Swing at the Schlegeis Dam

Great Offers

Discover our special offers for families, groups and individuals at #Schlegeis 131

We offer various attractive packages for families and groups, as well as for companies and organisations.
Experience a very special kick on the Via Ferrata #Schlegeis131, at the Abseiling Station or on the Flying Fox. We ask groups of five people or more to register with us in advance.

€ 38 per person

#Schlegeis 131 - Flying Fox

NEW! - Ultimate Adventure

€ 80 per person

#Schlegeis 131 - Giant Swing

NEW! - Ultimate Adventure

€ 110 per person

Combi Ticket

Giant Swing & Flying Fox

€ 105 per person

Combi Group Ticket

Giant Swing & Flying Fox, 5 people or more

€ 130,- per person

#Schlegeis 131
Action Day

Flying Fox, Giant Swing & rental of via ferrata equipment incl. via ferrata instruction

€ 125,- per person

#Schlegeis 131
Action Day - Group ticket

Flying Fox, Giant Swing & rental of via ferrata equipment incl. via ferrata instruction

Refreshment Stop
at the Dam

Corporate event

Special offers for groups an companies

We offer various attractive packages for groups, companies and other organisations, incl. refreshments at the s'Raschtl snack bar.

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Our FACILITIES will be CLOSED due to winter break until the end of May 2024
(depending on the weather)

* Vouchers can still be purchased via our shop, but can only be redeemed from 01.06.2024