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The newly constructed sport climbing route - "The Wall" - at #Schlegeis131 is a new challenge for sport climbers. The climbing route has a 7+ level of difficulty and is already an insider tip and 'must do' for all climbing enthusiasts pursuing their sport in Zillertal's climbing eldorado, which is one of the best areas in the world for the sport.

A Unique Climbing Experience

Both the world's top climbers and experienced hobby climbers capable of leading a Grade 7 climb are fascinated by the feeling of climbing a route on an overhanging dam. The exposed nature of the route and overhang created by the curvature of the dam guarantee a fantastic adventure.


Route description:

The route's level of difficulty steadily increases (level of difficulty 5 to 7+) and requires a certain stamina. From mid-route onwards, the wall is overhanging and the climb increasingly steep. Although large grips have been put in place from the 4th pitch onwards, a good level of fitness is required.
It is essential to have mastered rope techniques for multi-pitch routes: after the 4th pitch going back is only possible with extreme difficulty and requires a lot of experience of rope techniques. In addition to its difficulty, this route is also extremely exposed.

But generally, those able to lead a Grade 7 indoor climb and with an appropriate level of physical fitness will have a lot of fun on this route.

Facts & Figures

  • Route name:  #SCHLEGEIS131 - The Wall

  • Wall height:  131 metres

  • Climbing distance:  approx. 150 metres

  • Pitches:  5 pitches

  • Number of quickdraws:  15 quickdraws
    There are fixed mounted quickdraws hanging from the middle of the 4th pitch onwards!

  • Level of difficulty UIAA:

    Pitch 1:  5      
    Pitch 2:  5+
    Pitch 3:  6
    Pitch 4:  7-
    Pitch 5:  7+

  • Distances:

    Pitch 1:  approx. 40 m
    Pitch 2:  approx. 40 m
    Pitch 3:  approx. 30 m
    Pitch 4:  approx. 20 m
    Pitch 5:  approx. 20 m

Use of the facility is free of charge and at one's own risk! 


Our FACILITIES will be CLOSED due to winter break until the end of May 2024
(depending on the weather)

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