s`Raschtl Refreshment Stop

Climbing is a sport that presents a big challenge for many people, both mentally and physically. This makes it all the more important to ensure you are suitably refreshed before and afterwards. The s'Raschtl snack bar serves as a base camp and information point for all activities at #SCHLEGEIS131 and offers food, drinks and other goodies, which will provide a particularly pleasant end to the day at Schlegeis Dam. Enjoy the unique panoramic views and experience the special hospitality, even if you're not climbing and just wish to enjoy the unique surroundings.

The s'Raschtl snack bar is located right on the crest of the dam at Schlegies Reservoir. Parking is on the left directly after the last tunnel at the start of the dam.  

Meeting and Starting Point - In the heart of a fascinating mountain landscape at Schlegeis

The restaurant is open daily in good weather. Relax on the sun terrace during fine weather and treat yourself to a good cup of coffee and a piece of delicious homemade cake. We also offer snacks, drinks and a wide range of food.

On cooler days you are welcome to use the cosy indoor area. The s'Raschtl snack bar is the ideal meeting place for climbers, hikers and mountain bikers wishing to explore the Schlegeis Dam and enjoy a refreshment break in the heart of this wonderful landscape.


Opening Times

We are open from Monday - Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs.
The s'Raschtl snack bar is closed in bad weather.

E-Bike Charging Station at s'Raschtl

E-bikers who have lost 'juice' can now recharge at Raschtl - you can replenish your own batteries and the one on your e-bike too. 


Our FACILITIES will be CLOSED due to winter break until the end of May 2024
(depending on the weather)

* Vouchers can still be purchased via our shop, but can only be redeemed from 01.06.2024